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  • Please print and include with your frame or firearm a copy of your order receipt or invoice, and though it is not required I suggest including a copy of our FFL: 

    1. Include a legible copy of your government issued ID. We must return your frame or firearm to the address listed on your ID or alternatively to a local FFL.

    2. Place your stripped frame in a box with a empty magazine. We recommend using paper, bubble wrap, or some other padding to help keep your items safe. 

    3. When it is time to ship please use FedEx or UPS or a local FFL to ship your firearm. The frame must be insured when shipped to us as we are not responsible for lost items shipped to us.  An individual without an FFL is federally prohibited from shipping handguns with USPS.

  • We are an FFL so you may ship directly to us.  We can have it shipped directly back the address on your ID or your local FFL. You may also have your local FFL ship it. It usually costs no more than $20-$40 for your FFL to ship it. If you choose to ship through an FFL please let them know it is for gunsmithing or they may try to charge a transfer fee. 

  • NOTE If you choose to use an FFL then your firearm will no longer be able to be returned to your address and must be returned to the FFL to be given back to you.

  • Custom Orders If you do not already own the firearm then all returns made will be to an FFL. If the firearm is yours then it may be returned to either your state ID address or a local FFL for pick up.

  • Email Tracking Number to


American Armory LLC

2891 Azalea St.

Pueblo, CO 81005

  • When shipping a frame or firearm yourself it is advised you ship overnight with insurance and signature upon delivery. 

  • FedEx and UPS both require in their policy that firearms must be shipped overnight. Many people ignore this policy, but risk having their insurance claims denied should their package be lost or damaged.

  • Do not mark anywhere on the outside of the box to indicate there is a firearm in the box.

  • Insurance, overnight shipping, adult signature, and leaving the box unmarked will help to protect your firearm(s) from loss or theft. 

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