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  • Will you disassemble my frame?
    Yes. For a $25 fee.
  • What is DuraCoat®?
    DuraCoat® is a two-part chemical coating. Unlike other firearm finishes, DuraCoat® was created specifically for firearms. Other firearm finishes are "spin-offs" from other industries.
  • What color Duracoat do you offer?
    We work with all of Duracout colors. Visit to browse and select from their full range of color options.
  • Do you offer expedited or rushed services?
    Yes. The expedited service fee starts at $300. Typically cuts turnaround time by half. Contact me if you need an expedited project.
  • Will you fix a bad stipple job or operate on a frame that has been previously altered?
    No. We will not work on frames that have been previously modified by others.
  • What do I need to include with my shipment?
    1. Completely filled order form 2. Printed copy of "service request" confirmation email. 3. Readable copy of your valid driver's license (no expired IDs will be accepted) and must contain a current mailing address. 4. Pack your frame securely in a box (see shipping instructions for shipping details)
  • Do you offer slide work or Duracoat?
    We offer Duracoat services however we are not currently offering slide work but are planning to in the near future.
  • How do I ship my gun?
    You can personally ship your unloaded gun to us via UPS or FedEx only, firearms must be shipped by 2-day air. You can also coordinate via your local FFL.
  • If I am local, can I drop off my gun?
    Yes. After you have secured a spot in the work queue, reach out by email and we will schedule a drop off appointment.
  • Who is responsible for return shipping?
    The customer. At the completion of the the customer will be billed for the services and for return shipping cost within continental US. Shipments to Alaska and Hawaii incur additional shipping costs.
  • NO California Sales.
    We do not believe in the restrictions California has placed on its gun enthusiasts. We will not support California's restrictions in any way. We will not sell or ship to any resident in California.
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