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Stipple Types
grip reduction.png
Backslope Adjustments
To give the firearm a more ergonomic feel, material is removed from the back strap of the frame. We take enough material off to improve the grip, without compromising the structural integrity of the firearm. The length of the frame remains the same, as we only change the overall circumference.
regular grip.png
accelerator cut.png
Accelerator Cut / Index

Designed for the shooter's hands to find their natural point of rest more efficiently. 

The Accelerator cuts unique pattern will more naturally align with the shooter's support thumb and provide a shelf for the shooter to apply leverage to help maintain muzzle control. 

Left/right – If the shooter is right handed, the and or Accelerator cut will then be on the left side, and vice versa. 

Ambidextrous - added on both sides on the index point.

wrap maybe.png
Stipple Wrap or Pattern

This classic stipple type is a favorite with our customers! This stipple style permanently manipulates the frame, and the added texture provides exceptional firearm control. Note: This stipple style will take a copious amount of use for noticeable wear to show.

Single Undercut

The corner area where the trigger guard and pistol grip meet is cut and polished to allow the user's hand to ride higher onto the frame for better control. This upgrade allows the shooter's hand to easily rest in the grip. Additionally, this upgrade helps with the infamous 'Glock knuckle.'

double undercut.png
Double Undercut

Along with the single cut, an additional cut is added in the middle of the trigger guard for your support/non-dominant hand. This extra cut is recommended for individuals with larger hands. Having both cuts provides great indicator points for the shooter's hands to go to the same position every time.

regular grip.png
grip reduction.png
Finger Groove Removal

Larger handed individuals may prefer to remove finger grooves for a more comfortable grip. Removing the finger grooves will reduce the size of the grip, and allow for easier handling of the firearm.

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